Founded the first full function sports service on the internet in 1994. Raised $40 million in venture capital from Kleiner Perkins Caufield and Byers, Reuters, US West, NY Life TCI and others from 1995 through 1996. Structured strategic partnership with CBS Sports in 1997 in a $100 million deal. Structured strategic relationships with the NFL, MLB, NBA, PGA Tour, AOL, Amazon and many Hall of Fame athletes. Raised $330 million in the public markets between 1997 and 1999. Built a highly profitable service built on Fantasy League subscriptions, Advertising, Joint Ventures and E Commerce. Sold SportsLine to CBS Sports in 2004. The site now operates successfully as
Co-Founded Lexicon in 1978 to develop the world's first hand held electronic language translator. Went on to develop encryption terminals for the National Security Agency and financial transaction terminals for major credit card issuers. Took Lexicon public and sold the company in 1993. It currently operates as Florida Gaming Corporation.
Created as a SportsLine subsidiary, Vegas Insider became the world's best source of sports gambling information. The site was profitable from day one and continues to operate as
Founded this European sports site as a SportsLine subsidiary. Raised $50 million in venture capital and established the top sports site in Europe with offices in London, Paris, Berlin and Milan. Operated a sports gambling operation in London.
This publicly traded Lexicon subsidiary developed Tempest hardened computer systems and Non-Cooperative Target Recognition Systems for the US Army, Navy and Air Force that were used in conjunction with radar systems to identify enemy aircraft.
Sports-Tech International
This publicly traded Lexicon subsidiary developed and sold advanced video editing systems to 26 NFL teams and 150 college football teams.